A Handshake?

When Devops Meets Security


DevOps will be a trend in the near future since it can minimise the time for the product life cycle and lower the possibility in delay and promote automation. Due to the day by day extensive usage of DevOps, companies may only focus on the development in DevOps speed while neglect the importance of security in DevOps.

The conventional cybersecurity approach is not totally integrating with DevOps today, most of the companies have insufficient capability to secure the safeness in digital world.


Unsynchronized DevOps and Securities

Lawbreakers would embezzle customers’ data such as credit card data, consumption pattern, identity privacy etc, which may lead to a huge loss for customers since they may receive inconvenience such as cold call. Dissatisfaction may arise towards company due to leak of information that result in customers run off.

If the culture of the company partial towards development of DevOps and overlook the importance of securities, it would a time bomb for the company, the structure of the company would be incomplete and derive loophole that easily be replaced by companies with integrity. Furthermore, workers would be unaware of the importance of other aspects such as moral, safeness and they are not responsible for what they have done, long term development of the company would be obstructed.


Importance of DevSecOps

The integration of DevOps and securities are mostly automated, developers can avoid doing application security testing with impractical tools result in time consuming and complicated, prevent human and management error and reduce the delay in product publishing. Security team is also not required to set up control centre due to automation which enables better allocation of time and agility in other aspects of work.

Company with DevSecOps may also act nimbly in responding the market shift and customers’ need genuinely the prerequisite in maintaining current and future market expansion. With a flawless DevSecOps embracement, bad faith publicity and data leakage would be precluded, ensuring the growth rate of the business can be steadily rising and everything are under contemplation and refrain from unnecessary loss of bug.

In conclusion, DevOps will be prosperous in the coming decade, DevOps have to complement with security and never be alienable. Corporations should place numerous concentrations in DevSecOps and imbue DevOps experts and co-workers with the message of Development, Securities and Operations are anyhow growing, supporting and trust in each other.