The Basic

What is Security Operations Center (SOC)?


Security Operations Centre (SOC) is a concentrated unit which execute security arrangements on technical and managerial level. It is a centre accommodate security team to managing and analyze the security condition. The objective of SOC is to integrate technology and act as countering bad faith cyber activities and prepare, detect and react towards security issues. SOC team mostly include engineers, analysists specialized in security and operation manager. The centre should be well-equipped with CCTV, lightings, alarm, vehicle barriers and backup power. SOC staffs work with security teams searching and cut off unusual activities which may possibly threaten the company’s software system at the same time ensure the immediate reaction and prompt remediation towards security issues and minimize the damage to software.


The operation of Security Operations Centre (SOC)

SOC is concentrated in operation of the company’s information security. SOC is not responsible for developing new security measures, designing security composition nor carrying out any protection acts. SOC staffs mostly constitute by analysts specialized in security, their responsibility is to inspect, analyze, react, inform and put an end to bad faith cybersecurity acts.


The importance of Security Operations Centre (SOC)

SOC can undertake the role of monitoring continuously and analyzing data thereby improving the security incidents responsive capability. Analysing the uncommon acts in the network , server and data base, SOC team can secure the nimbleness in reacting towards security issues are up to standard and prevent hackers or any other bad faith acts harming the company by setting up an all the time supervising system regardless of the origin, timing, and category.


The direction and focus of Security Operations Centre (SOC)

SOC staffs are capable of identifying new potential risks at the same time managing existing and being realized risks continuously. Customers and company’s’ need and tolerance level towards risks should be known well by SOC staffs so as to meet their expectation and work under that scope. Firewalls and IPS in spite of taking precautions to low-end attack, SOC staffs are the one to settle the advance cyberattack.

The latest intelligence relate to cybersecurity and potential menace should be synchronized by SOC staffs in addition utilizing intelligence for ameliorating current defending capability and the acute detection of threats. SOC staffs are required to input intelligence into SOC monitoring mechanism and found out the threat promptly. Automation can also be exploited in SOC thus accelerating efficiency and take one step further in tackling cybersecurity issues.