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What is Cloud Native Security?


What is Cloud Native?

Cloud native is in vogue recently, what actually is it? Cloud Native is used to indicate applications that have been packaged in containers also known as containerize, in other words Cloud Native is used to refer to applications that have been packaged in containers and can be directly deployed into a microservice or become a very flexible architecture through DevOps Or the CI/CD process can directly become a new service. In the traditional approach, the management team will need to manage the architecture and allocate resources and servers, while Cloud Native is a packaged container that you can directly publish in cloud computing, storage, and distribution of resources, or on your server Immediately deploy Cloud Native services.


Cloud Native Security approach

The conservative manual techniques should be eliminated in order to approach Cloud Native Security. DevSecOps should be integrated by DevOps experts and security team together with emphasizing automation. Long-established software is much obtuse than cloud native software due to the incapability of packaging microservice and architecture without flexibility. This signifies automation is needed yet phasing out are unavoidable for long-established software. Assimilating security team and DevOps experts may cultivate farsightedness in problems which prevent unexpected malfunction and come up with speed and accuracy when dealing with impediment.


Desirable Cloud Native Security

Highly automated security would be pursued. Traditional security system is off tracked with prosperous automated security system, security automation takes up the role in screening and fixing problems automatically, passively dealing with security problems are no longer be embraced.

Cloud native security should also contain immediate maintenance towards defects locally which get rid of time barrier and accomplish a speedy recovery. Cloud Native applications are generally large scale and security comprises globally, only azonal manipulation secures the efficiency and efficacy in solving security problems.


Cloud Native Security features

A faultless system in detecting unusual activity and agile reaction towards security incident is top priority. Consequences are to be minimized and hold back bad faith behavior impairment thereby prevention of irreversible damages.

Supervision and incessant research should not be overlooked either. Security in cloud native is complicated and a burden in storage, supervision and investigation consequently to reduce the impact towards the performance of software and remove plateau in the software system.

Cloud Native Security is a tendency in bringing down the risk in software instead of traditional security system. In the cloud native atmosphere, innovative approach in security have to be adapted.