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Top 4 Challenges for Security Operations Center (SOC)


Security Operations Centre (SOC) often find challenges in their work to react and tackling bad faith cyberattack. Searching for acts with evil intention are unprecedentedly hard which numerous types of attacks come from anywhere. The work for SOC has become challenging and arduous. There are top 5 challenges for Security Operations Center (SOC).


Uptight budget in Security Operations Center (SOC)

SOC will never be a profitable department and most of the companies are profit oriented, even though the importance of SOC is accelerating day by day operating cost will barely sufficient. Companies would look upon SOC as part of the cost of business and will never receive enough resources. It is satirized that SOC will not present its necessity when it is fully utilized since cyberattack no longer able to make significant damage towards the network, however SOC are being one of the victim in cutting budget simultaneously suffering cyberattack, SOC are paralyzed due to the insufficient budget and unable to counter the hackers.


Lack of outstanding human analysts

SOC analysts who are capable of distinguishing and ranking seriousness of security issues are hard to come by. Even though lots of tools are facilitating in analyzing and collecting security data, human analysts are the one to come up with the final decision. Information besides data and quantitative information can also be taken into account. SOC analysts are currently undersupply, talents are always be headhunted. Limited staffs signify limited concentration in different aspects and lessen priority in security thus loopholes are existed.


The objective of the mission is ambiguous

SOC staffs are majorly uncertain to their objective of core mission. They do not have any interest parties, any motion or goal for them to achieve. In many circumstances, SOC staffs have no idea on which data should be emphasized in protecting and unaware the threat of the focal point to pay attention. SOC staffs should clearly acknowledged on what and why they are protecting those data and information. With a clear objective and understanding of the core mission, operational capabilities can be adjusted, and tasks can be accomplished.


Distinct documented procedures are deficient

Numerous SOCs do not emphasize on documented processes and lead to be short of sustainable improvement. Without the basis of procedure and stream, SOC will rely on unsteady information and the outcome of SOC will be unpredictable especially under the high turnover rates of staffs may not be able to keep track on the development of SOC constantly. Documented processes should be easily understood, high adaptability and liable to maintain.