Possible? Really?

Too Much Test Automtion? How Much is Enough?


What is test automation?

Test automation is to examine the newly developed software’s by comparing the actual and expected outcome of software automatic operation quality thus analyze data, make use of the result and strengthen software practicability. It is at the outset as quality safeguard of software, yet it consists of the whole software development department. Besides, engineers, DevOps experts and even analysts are being included in the test of automation. Test automation are extensively applied in duplicate work with indispensable in testing and an integral part of company emphasize in continuous testing and continuous delivery.


Excessive test automation?

Test automation is undoubtedly taken the role in assuring software quality, support DevOps experts advanced improvement in developing software, it sounds like lopsided merit, but is it really efficient if all the process of testing, delivery and development procedures infatuated with test automation?

It is unfortunately to say that test automation is not scoring a victory by its quantity. The maximized coverage of automation is not tantamount to the highest quality nor the most efficient software. Companies often neglect automation itself contains a high cost, even some fundamentals which automation is inutile would also be automated since developers have a solecism the more automation, the better software efficacy. The equilibrium theory in economics would be the metaphor in interpreting the misuse of automation and the efficacy ultimately is not in the optimal point thereby spending the needless additional cost and time in maintenance, superfluous time in running the whole program etc.

On the other hand, is the result of test automation really required? What’s the difference between with or without test automation? Developers write a software or program, certainly the process and outcome are predictable, testing is however to discover and look for information, the answer has been calculated, what is the purpose to find out the formula again? Test automation is only for particular testing tasks as well as evitable in other tests. The outcome has been notified at the beginning, then where is the value of test automation?

A faultless system in detecting unusual activity and agile reaction towards security incident is top priority. Consequences are to be minimized and hold back bad faith behavior impairment thereby prevention of irreversible damages.

Test automation is undeniably reducing the time and resources required comparing with manual testing. Reliable results are generated, and human error should be minimized. Yet test automation has its optimal point, the concentration of automation exceeds the equilibrium level will lead to adverse effect. Companies have to grasp the usage of automation and test automation clearly in order to refrain from undesired cost.