What's next?

The prospect of software development


Software development undoubtedly benefit large capital companies such as Google and Microsoft since they get unlimited resources and capable of trying innovative development tools which still have not fully developed. Remediation can always be carried out by technology teams which causes their capability in innovative programmes are much higher than other small and medium enterprises, due to the unlimited back up by top tier companies. While for companies without privileges of unlimited resources and inthe circumstance of lacking software development experts, simple tools, inexpensive measures and well-developed software should be prioritized so as to survive in this competitive business environment.Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak undoubted make this circumstance more rigorous, with less manpower and capital at the same time coding are becoming more and more complicated, it is a challenging time for the technology industry and we should consider how future application development inclusively applied to all sorts of companies.


Software development with no privilege

The current situation in software development is not everyone wants to see, it involves numerous unfair and harsh circumstances, only top tier software developers possess the power to blaze new trials. It hands down an unhealthy atmosphere for the software development and imbalanced the whole industry which only minority master major resources and software development technique, this problem should not allow continuously ferment, severe impairment towards the ecological balance of software development industry will never be the outcome we long for. We should join hands and build up a harmony and impartial software development atmosphere improve as a whole.


How to ensure fairness in software development environment

The development of software fortunately not only monopolised by top tier companies, since the majority no longer only can rely on large companies, they have realised their capability in handling advance technology and tools, with numerous features, mature in coding, automation is no longer top tiers’ patent.

This situation occurs due to the approach in low-code or even no code approach, which eliminate the barriers for wide usage, at the same time experts in coding are not heavily relied on, traditional coding expressiveness and features are also successfully retained. Also, it generates a platform for design, development, security and management which lessen software development required time and costs and popularised it. Nevertheless, automation should be recognised since it allows software continuously developing and remediating, which this self-healing function will not act as a time bomb and impose inconvenience towards development teams at any time.

Software with multi-functional and facilitating will always be prioritized and turn into mainstream, simplify complexity and take a user-friendly approach will always be appreciated, the mentality of one for all, all for one should always be alerted by software developers.