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The Neglected Automation - Test Automation


Automation isn’t equal to DevOps, but DevOps usually embraces automation to facilitate a continuous integration (CI) or continuous delivery (CD) pipeline that allows organizations to promptly turn an idea into a service or product, gain market feedback, refine and relaunch it again. However, the automation we were discussing above are usually on development and deployment side. To stay agile and fast, many IT teams decide to “sacrifice” testing by bypassing the strict QA pipeline, which may result in a lot of serious consequences including regulatory scrutiny or loss of customers’ trust.


The Neglected Automation

Test automation is something underrated in the DevOps field. QA is always viewed as the road blocks to agility and speed, and most IT leaders are not inclined to deploy resources to innovate at a “cost center”. In fact, the nature of QA, which is a must and avoidable stage, should make itself worth for investment to facilitate a faster and more efficient QA process in order to prevent that from obstructing the agility and speed pursued relentlessly by the development team. What could be better if test can be automated early in the software development lifecycle (SDLC) to save cost and time? Let’s look at some of the benefits of test automation to a DevOps pipeline.


Faster than manual

QA specialists are usually frustrated by repetitive testing, which develop a tendency of error miss. Test script can be written on some tools to automate the testing process of putting through the pre-written script, checking for expected outcomes and analyzing the deviations.


Absence of human errors

QA looks for consistency throughout the delivery pipelines. Test automation applies different variables at different stages and eliminate repetitive manual test in the process.


Make good use of manual resources

The boredom of QA specialists arised from repetitive testing isn’t hard to understand. Test automation aims to take care of certain types of test including but limited to check-up across devices, operating systems, networks, browsers, etc. and to spare manual resources for non-repetitive testing such as usability tests.

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