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The importance of Centralized Log Management to a company


Covid-19 pandemic has brought a new approach towards the whole world which companies tend to implement employees work remotely, companies can reduce the running cost of an office at the same time employees also support this thought. While work from home is not that simple, companies have to place tremendous efforts towards remote access in company’s documents such as VPNthrough web applications. As everyone knows, it is only a temporaryplan, in order to satisfy a long-term remote access, there are still way to go by implementing different management logs. The problem of lack of log management should be solved as soon as possible, users are able to collect company’s data and documents atanywhere, if a centralized log management is still missing, the security risk will be unaffordable serious.


Current Log Management approach

When a company has implemented work from home at a short period of time, everything will be fine, but if work remotely become a new trend and the amount of employees increase rapidly, remote work will generate log security access point, log servers, log application and all are relate to company’s security information and event management (SIEM) solution. The senior management may react unagile, SIEM budget remain the same, security monitoring become a challenging work and lack of sufficient operation cost to meet the satisfactory standard. Companies should also worry about customers and parties’ leakage of privacy which ensure all personal data have been encrypted and secured.


Centralized Log Management

Central Log Management should be implemented by companies, consolidates all log data into a central base and collect all logs then relocate their destiny, this can effectively reduce the cost of SIEM. Companies should prioritize SIEM and provide training and development for employees, at the same time collect all sorts of data and refrain from incomplete data collection which poses threat towards security monitoring. Only SIEM will directly increase the cost for the company operation, Centralized Log Management can reduce the cost effectively and also storing logs being unmanaged which reduce the security risks in SIEM infrastructure.


Data filtering

Logged data have to be analysed, unnecessary and irrelevant data should be filtered, this can reduce the storage burden and increases the durability of the data base. The management can even filter all unwanted data and extraneous texts in specific events, it can effectively reduce the cost and time in dealing with these data. This approach can also reduce the risk in violating the law, the less the data received by the company, the little the risk in violating the privacy law which safeguard company’s interest.