The Dilemma of DevOps Tools


“Let’s subscribe to the tool, so we will be running DevOps.” “Yea, we’re adopting DevOps, see what tools we’re using.” “This tool is powerful, it upgrades our DevOps!” The common mistake in adoption of DevOps is ignoring the culture and existing workflow while focusing only on the DevOps tools. We wrote earlier DevOps is More Than Just the Tools that DevOps should be a combination of culture, workflow and the tools. However, another common mistake is also about the tools – the dissonant combination of DevOps tools.

SaaS is now expected to be plug-and-play. However, a lot of DevOps tools in the market aren’t developed that way. Along the process of applying the tools in the DevOps pipeline, it is not uncommon to see that many tools require some other tools to make themselves useful. In other words, many DevOps tools have a lot of dependencies. However, those dependencies usually aren’t mentioned in the first place, and when it is integrated into the pipeline, the “installation requirements” keep coming up. Dependencies are doubled-edged that they save you time to avoid reinventing the wheel and leverage others’ success to develop technology further on top of that, while they also make your application bulky and inefficient. In fact, many IT teams can’t accept a tool with too many dependencies due to security or usability reasons.

In fact, since there are too many tools out there for different stages of the DevOps cycle, it is especially resource-demanding for a single DevOps tool to integrate with all other tools along the cycle. As such, some shops decide to pick and integrate with only a few popular tools upstream and downstream hopefully to satisfy as many but not all clients to begin with. That might be a good strategy to kick start, but in the long run, how to make the tool itself relevant falls into how well it can be plug-and-play easily with whatever combination of DevOps pipelines.

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