The uniqueness

Special quality for a successful Site Reliability Engineer


Site Reliability engineering has been more and more popular among operation teams and IT organizations, it has gradually become an indispensable part of the company and Site Reliability engineers are being highly demanded. Site Reliability engineering has imposed the software engineering concept into IT operations, at the same time encourage automation thus minimized engineers’ workload. Site Reliability skills are being prioritized and needed in current IT profession, while there are some more special qualities forbeing a great site reliability engineer.


Problem-solving skills

The core value for site reliability engineer is their problem-solving skills. They have to face numerous problems occur every day relate to cybersecurity and internal malfunction. Site reliability engineers are responsible for solving problem with the least time and minimized companies’ loss. Site reliability engineers may often be required to solve cyber problems even unrelated to their own profession and out of their scope of work since a site reliability engineer is expected to curious about other departments’ work and provide suggestions.


Mindset of building awareness

Site reliability engineering faces the biggest challenge with helping companies to increase the flow and site traffic at the same time secure site reliability and continue with minimal defects and reduce the error gap between 100% service reliability. While error budgets are expected to be spent, the team can make its own decision to increase the flow. A great site reliability engineer should have a great picture and an understanding towards clients’ company operation and even the whole industry current atmosphereand future trend which they may also take up the role as a consultant.


Communication and collaboration

A service management is to enable colleagues’ advantages being established and put to good use with technique and process. Getting into a rut will never work and problem may occur someday. In a nutshell, IT teams are required to manage quality services with a set of operational practises. This is the prerequisite of being on theright track to success which an outstanding site reliability engineer should be proficient in taking different input from different sources and provide the best solution for clients. Furthermore, site reliability engineering requires communication and collaboration, such as product and service flexibility, engineers specialized in different aspects with different techniques. With sufficient collaboration and communication, it encourages independent thinking, better understanding with the least time consumed, solving problems and mistakes together and this should be the ultimate perfect site reliability engineering atmosphere.

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