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Site Reliability Engineering role in DevOps


Cloud nature popularity has been escalating across the globe due to promote service, parties have concerned about its tools, technology and execution in the process. The system has to inherit new customers data pressure at the same time maintaining the highstandard of quality service. In achieving this objective, monitoring and assessment in potential incidents so as to minimized defects and failure are indispensable. The operation team has always treated complicated malfunction and foreseeing potential accidents as an arduous job, the continuous development of the IT industry has reduced its sophistication in achieving this objective.


How SRE is expected to perform

SRE is currently a trend for enterprises and before the decision of scaling up, enterprises should consider whether the efficiency of operation is being affected since the prerequisite towards customersare ensuring its reliability. Scaling up means the system are evolvingand undoubtedly more sophisticated and the possible occurrence of failure may happen more frequently. Even though the entire development process did not encounter unacceptable failure, the operation with enlarging scale, actual performance and cross-platform system and network increase risk in having malfunction and how SRE teams react are also of equal importance.


Automated remediation when encountering malfunction

SRE are able to analyze data integrated by incidents which the next step for SRE is to determine the next step and direction. Due tothe complexity and scale enlargement, it becomes challenging, AI and operation has been popular in dealing with these tasks and automation has held a seat. Engineers require excessive amount of time in remediating manually since context with reminding possible accidents decreased at the same time the process require different teams’ cooperation and traditional operation team lack of adequate understanding towards SRE, and these misreading and improper communication extends the time in remediation. SRE however emphasizes on enhancing its agility and nimbleness in dealing with problems instead of spending tremendous time in investigating failures or reported data.


SRE involvement in business decision making process

Data collection, analysis and modelling technology have established model in generating patterns which adapt a more sophisticated automation in remediation. Then, receiving correct and useful data by placing it as a suitable position is important whereas after analyzing data and incidents, deciding allocation of resources are also essential in decision making. Ensuring its stabilityand quality of service are the only way to pleased customers, but itsefficiency should not be pursued blindly. In fact, SRE should accept acertain amount of failure in order to possess a higher velocity in gaining valuable insights.