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Roles and Responsibilities of DevOps II


DevOps is based on human instead of other technology, it is unique, DevOps tools and processes are indispensable, how to adapt DevOps approach and blend it with the existing business model, analyze the result or examine the progress of developing DevOps implementation. The reason why DevOps grow rapidly and on the right track to success is because of companies provide regular trainings for staffs in order to inculcate DevOps approach and mindset into every team member daily practice and treat DevOps as the company’s culture which cultivate them specialized in DevOps.


Quality Assurance Engineers

DevOps developers have involved in quality control of software recently while quality assurance engineers still act an important role in DevOps development. Quality Assurance Engineers will set up the standard of quality control and assess the newly launched software, whether they have met the standard requirement. While Quality Assurance Engineers may often forget in balancing the quality and the efficiency of DevOps development. Over emphasizing the quality at the same time neglect the efficiency in DevOps has shown that more communication among parties are required and sharing the same DevOps objective is crucial. A competent Quality Assurance Engineer is furthermore capable of writing code which tests newly developed software efficiently and automatically. Although failure in opening up software may happen frequently, enhance communications and reduce ambiguity among different departments in another aspect benefits company’s operation.


Security Engineers

Security is an inevitable part in DevOps development, the prerequisite of a robust, stable and steady DevOps is security. Security Engineers should be experts in DevOps and proficient in cybersecurity simultaneously. In order to execute DevSecOps smoothly, setting up tools and processes should be treated seriously thereby emphasizing their importance in participation in securities. Developers, operators, security engineers should have visibility in security problems which shows agility in encountering these issues and also facilitates communications between parties, solving disputes and challenges efficiently.


DevOps promoters

DevOps is a newly launched technology approach for companies. Although it carries numerous benefits towards a company’s operation, it is still in a development process, some users may hesitate in employing DevOps due to the immaturity and complication in adapting since it is a brand-new approach while some users’ acceptability are not as expected. DevOps promotors role is to elaborate the usage and benefits in adapting DevOps while promote companies step on the railway in attempting DevOps culture.