Who comes first?

Prioritize Network, but not Teams


A leader should not always consider only how the team operates and how their ability is. The team has to be considered as part of the network with wide coverage, the success of the network directly relates to the success of the team. An engineering team always face pressure, monitor and constraints. A leader should thinkabout how to maximize the team’s potential in these frameworks and organise a network which capable to inherit tremendous amount of workload at the same time share other adaptable resources.


Design a successful network

Leaders are capable of organise different interactions in order to enhance its resilience. The development work are being taken up by small functional group, while small groups can secure the sufficient communication and much easier to manage the work schedule of different individuals which ensure the real time decision making and at the same time balance the risk among the development and secure different individuals acknowledge their own responsibility and assist others effectively.

While engineers being affected the most are always the problem of co-operation instead of direct technical problems. A formal classification of different role such as the management causes different department’s isolation and threats towards each other and develop an unharmony atmosphere which emphasise calculation and conjecture instead of focusing their own work. Boundaries among different departments with independent system which affects information transferring time and the efficiency is directly being affected due to departments’ go in their own way.

Leaders should understand their operation mode, difficulties, service provided and their strength and the most important is balance different parties’ interest and capable of comforting different parties and manage a work as a team doctrine.


Manage a successful network

Engineering teams always have their strength and their own special culture, which it always finds it difficult to co-operate with different teams and some teams have cross-functional work. But in fact, all teams have their own objective. A successful leader should be able to convince different team to support the concept of sharinginformation and their technology so as to reduce excessive time in studying a same or being investigated problem. Also, leaders shouldalso build up a mutual benefit relationship which supports different teams and grow up to a new realm.

Also, team leader should be the bridge among different departments and coordinate and holistically assess the entire enterprises operation and investigate certain department or operation should improve and maximize enterprise’s potential.