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Methods in improving Cloud Operations


Enterprises are adopting cloud technologies in their products, services, cooperation and connection, but not all enterprises capable of spending wisely in cloud services, unnecessary expenditure occurs frequently. Having full control and understanding towards cloud operation and expenditure reduces pointless investment and prevent making dilettante decisions. The following are the steps in how to optimize an enterprise’s Cloud.


Thorough understanding towards own’s data

Enterprise’s data should be mastered, refining useful data which able to explain what the enterprise is currently happening and reflects the changes between a period of time, allow different department members analyze and deliberate countermeasures and giving accurate suggestions in responding foreseeable problems. Calculating resources allocation data is one of the applications, while other aspects such as financial and marketing data are also assignable. Enterprises will never be willing to pay extra fees in receiving meaningless response, difficulties in measuring expenditure towards Cloud occurs, acknowledging enterprise’s data fluently can prevent decision making under conjecture and minimize mistakes under inaccurate decisions.


Realize Cloud’s application and role in enterprise

Cloud providers in order to attract different fields of customers, numerous financial methods are accepted in procuring resources such as reserved instances, saving plans etc. While be aware of the enterprise client’s application pattern is the prerequisite in deciding which financial option are the enterprise going to adopt instead of apathetically seeking after favorable financial options and minimize expenditure. This will shoot enterprise in the foot and have adverse effect.


No longer adopting traditional Cloud services

Clients are mostly adopting the traditional Cloud service with web, application and database. It is very difficult and cause a huge struggle for clients getting rid of this mentality, since adopting cloud service is already an innovative act and they are unwilling and unaware of what further they should do. While in the progress of acknowledging what is happening in the cloud environment helps enterprises formulate relatable strategies. It furthermore removes conservative traditional architectural mentality at the same time extend to more advanced cloud-native service such as serverless, etc. Possessed an open mindset not only reduce expenditure and boost enterprise’s performance but also admit more advanced cloud-native services such as artificial intelligence and machine self-learning.


Avoid self-satisfaction in Cloud environment

Enterprises always have misconception that they adopt cloud services are equal to optimize their cloud environment. A cloud provider such as Amazon Web Services, Azure and Google Cloud will release lots of updates and functions every week. Enterprises may possibly focus too much on Cloud instead of their own core business. An enterprise decides to move into Cloud are mostly unwilling to optimize and modernized application, they will just focus on inherent data to make decisions. While it may cause unexpected meaningless expenditures and a waste of time. An enterprise with positive upward path should think about optimizing cloud as soon as possible.