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Irreplaceable value in Open Source software


Open source is created by some volunteer communities working to improve and update the code. In the open source community, regularly issue new updates obviously enhance efficiency and faster than enterprises own research and development. While enterprises have to bear the risk that open source project may not continue to do research and optimize towards the code. While there are numerous enterprises benefit from opening source, handle reports with defects, code reviews, data assimilation. In the wake of the grow in cost and maintenance of open source, open source developers become strength exhausted and give up their open source projects. Opening source popularity arises and not a few enterprises rely on opening source in minimizing the time cost and expenditure in developing sources. Unfortunately, lots of open source published but at the same time short of management, it is unsustainable since developers can only contribute silently, but their reciprocation disproportionately little. The open source user community is insufficient and decentralized to sustain open source project and as result open source developers run off gradually.


Dealing with unattended open source software

Open source developers are even categorized as volunteer work, significant contribution but minimal return. Furthermore, there are no supervision towards open source quality control, open source developers’ qualification, the quality of the software does not gain any recognition, enterprises can only rely it as a short-term alleviation towards enterprise but not fully relying on open source software.

This is what an ordinary person thinks about open source. Some newly rising up companies become aware of the waste of unattended open source software, these new companies’ business model capable of assembling open source from far and near and do remediation, redevelop and optimize open source software and combine it as a well-developed software system and provide it to their customers. These companies require high standard of coding skills and fully understand every open source software development process and origin. Moreover, these companies are responsible for any defects and in charge of maintenance. Clients will no longer worry about when the open source are going to stop updating and feel helpless when there are problems encounter at the same time no one can solve.

An advanced and proficient skill requirement in open source software together with sophisticated assembling skills should cost a fortune for clients since it also provides before-sale and after-sale services. Even though convenience created for clients, a tremendous expenditure will definitely a burden in enterprises’ operation. But it is a huge misconception.

Just when we commonly think it is expensive with high-end service, in fact, due to the developed open source, these companies are not required to start from scratch to develop software, numerous costs in time, manpower, technology requirement are saved. It successfully controls their cost and able to provide this excellent quality service under a reasonable price. In the COVID-19 pandemic, most of the enterprises substantially deteriorates in receiving income and economizing expenditure. Enterprises will look for replacement with reasonable price and hire companies with small scale and no longer seek after branded software but focus on the practical, functional and quality software provider. These companies are surely the cup of tea for enterprises which require a reasonable and practical software service, after-sale service and nimble response towards any malfunction are also responsible by these companies.