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Hybrid Cloud vs Multi-Cloud


Hybrid cloud is a make-up of public cloud and private cloud, they are attached however distinguishable and bringing positive impact towards diversified development. Hybrid cloud can also act as the role of pairing up, monitoring and providing services with cloud resources. Public, private and community cloud service forms cloud computing service which is Hybrid Cloud. Numerous companies will use private computing resources which are private clouds and data centres and public services which services existing in this environment are inseparably to each other.


What is Multi-Cloud?

Multi-Cloud is a storage service with multiple cloud computing in a single network composition. A multi-cloud composition making use of several public clouds with private clouds which the objective is to get rid of the dependence of single cloud provider. Multi-Cloud can be all private, all public or a combine of private and public. Companies use Multi-Cloud environment to allocate computing resources and reduce the risk of losing data or shut down. The available storage and computing power can be raised by the usage of Multi-Cloud which benefit the company.


What’s the difference?

Companies mostly employ many distinct public cloud services from different service providers. Tasks in different categories would be assigned to different clouds in order not to bind with one vendor. This raise out a problem which is cloud created unequal. For example, different departments such as human resources, marketing, sales, research and development, they have different needs in cloud, distinct cloud solution can secure in meeting different departments’ request. Multi-Cloud solution can also diverse company’s cloud demand on sole vendor thereby lowering the cost and inconvenience at the same time enhance agility.

Multi-cloud includes multiple public clouds and embodies private clouds and different deployments. Hybrid cloud however combines both public and private cloud with same concept.

Multi-Cloud always includes public clouds which can constitute framework while Hybrid Cloud includes private and public clouds. Hybrid Cloud elements work together on the other hand Multi-Cloud practices different clouds target different tasks. In the hybrid cloud framework, webpage, application can use public cloud besides the database storage in private cloud. Hybrid cloud solution can take balance in resources between private and public cloud according to the load and cost.

A software in a multi-cloud circumstances that is not hybrid, which may run and network from Google Cloud Platform while the database from Amazon Web Service (AWS). In the Multi-Cloud circumstances, software independently makes use of Google Cloud Platform or AWS or in only public or private cloud.

To sum up, both hybrid cloud and multi-cloud solution facilitate different business models and intensify company’s efficiency and productivity.