Execution matters

How to make improvement in implementing DevOps


DevOps is still unfamiliar by some companies even they are implementing it, the benefits brought by DevOps are being recognised but technology teams always face difficulties in carrying out DevOps. Changes in company’s culture, technical adaptation makes technology team no way to start. DevOps power is far beyond imagination, once DevOps are being fully utilised, its contribution towards company are really irreplaceable.


Test the nimbleness in implementing DevOps

According to the rapid development of DevOps, it is no longer available for only having agile test after the end of the project. Every procedure of the project is now required to do agile test in order to secure the agility and reduce the restored time. The detection in defects or other problem will be much speedy than before, standardised agility test can further enable automation. In the product design and development process, when testing in agilityhas been implemented in every procedure rather than a whole failure detection test after the product become formed, the time in failure detection are directly reduced and the delay in launching product will be minimised. Efficiency can be secured, and unexpected loss will be lessened.


Adapt and fully utilized DevSecOps

As DevOps has been adapted frequently in any circumstance, aframework should be no longer practical in implementing DevOps byusing the approach in traditional security practise. Development teams have to include security in the product development progresswhich adapt DevSecOps instead of treating security as independent.By adding security into DevOps and as a result in having DevSecOps, the product development is being combined with also security, it can effectively minimise security problems occurred afterproduct development and run the programme once more which waste numerous precious times. Successfully maximising the utilization of DevSecOps, company extensively adapting DevSecOps and train up developers’ decision-making capability enlarge DevSecOps contribution towards company.


Supervising, foreseeability and farsightedness

Operation teams often face challenges between development pace and quality control such as security loopholes etc. monitoring dozens of data are undoubtedly a good way in supervision, but the problem of data overload will occur. Even though it is a tough job, it is still material in DevOps, the root of the problem can be found out easily by observing data, log, traces and consumers’ act and experience which reduce the affection towards the business where there are unexpected incidents.