Unconventional time

How to build a product team in COVID-19 Pandemic?


In this challenging time, many enterprises have lost numerous opportunities and unable to make ends meet, without choice, economize on expenditure are inevitable. Stepping into 2020, we are always adapting new environment, nothing is foreseeable and go as planned. But one thing we for sure, is we are much more relying on technology in this pandemic. Work from home reduces lengthy traveling time and enhance efficiency, employees are more agile in attempting. Different tasks. Even though some of the problems solves, the core of the whole business environment are weak, business activities are lessened, it is a vain attempt in building up a successful product team while the whole industry are withering, escaped from laying off employees are lucky in misfortune, thinking of product team development is just like a fantasy story, but is it really that impossible?


How can a product team overcome current obstacles?

Digital transformation become a prerequisite due to the world is now driven by Zoom meetings, Skype, Google docs, and without digital, the entire operations will overburden, and it emphasized the importance of digital. Technological challenges emerge in endlessly, team members should always monitor their difficulties they are currently facing and at the same time take care of steady development. Team members are also required to have a humble, growth, and willing to learn mindset. A successful product person is always pushing the envelope and pursue for progress at any time, whole team are having a desire to strive vigorously and afraid of lacking behind others. An outstanding product team will always be pioneer, every team member has their own distinctive insight, and will never obey orders ignorantly.


A product team should share the same goal

A product team should always work as a team, individualism is forbidden, personal achievement is always meaningless in a team. Product leader can build it up as the culture of the team, sharing beliefs, attitudes and ascertain team’s identity, ethics and make this collective consciousness as reality. Furthermore, a team leader should be capable of making wise choice and responsible for any faults, employees with farsightedness, sense of responsibility, positive values ingratiate the culture of the product team. One team member can decide the success or failure of the team, maintaining an affirmative team culture can lead the product team attain a yet higher goal.