How to be Successful in Site Reliability Engineering


Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) popularity has increased throughout the years, while even enterprises which adopting SRE are still possibly not fully understood to application of SRE. SRE is to secure the network is reliable and it can be implanted in different practises such as automation, monitor in performance, software development and emergency handling. It is also implementing a blameless culture in order not to allow passing the buck to anyone, when facing failure, everyone in SRE team are duty-bound.

DevOps are always being related with Sight Reliability Engineering, adopting SRE undoubtedly should have basic knowledge towards DevOps, since SRE is build up from the base of DevOps. DevOps has changed the entire technology industry’s approach while SRE is the role in balancing and harmonizing between the development and operation team, experts in engineering and coding at the same time proficient in software development lifecycle and deployment are the crux among DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering.


Understand more among DevOps and SRE

In order to be one of the successful roles among DevOps and SRE, understanding about the approach of DevOps which its worthiness stringing and further develop legacy system at the same time supporting new developed cloud-native software. While still enterprises have ambiguity in determining should they adopt DevOps and SRE since most of the enterprises are directing software developers should emphasize in operation, and there are contradiction emphasizing in laying on operation or development.

DevOps and SRE experts are really professional, some of them even extremely proficient in only a specific aspect relate to DevOps or SRE, expert engineers have no difficulties in understanding different operation or software approach, but in fact it is too ideal to transform them into a different minded engineer, enterprises have to compromise different engineers possess their own individuality in engineering.


Expenses in DevOps and SRE

Besides compromising different engineers’ style, ensuring the management understand and support in DevOps and SRE are also one of the challenges. Management generally expect resources should be place in department which generates income, this is a reasonable belief. But even the management understand and support what benefit does SRE bring to the enterprise, they will still be shocked by the liabilities and cost in attaining automation and managerial skills especially enterprises are currently inheriting the economic loss due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. The most important task for technology teams is to balance the cost and benefit relate to SRE at the same time showing the plus side for the management and emphasize ensuring reliability is one of the focal points for a successful business.