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How to be a Successful DevOps Specialist


The popularity of DevOps has remarkably elevated which integrate software development and IT department co-ordination. To keep track of the thriving technological world, DevOps skills should be inevitable for all IT practitioners. DevOps moreover allows practitioners work remotely and engineers are allowed to manage the business with automated software just encounter the COVID-19 pandemic and numerous companies are working from home while the job nature of DevOps are not being affected under this circumstance. It makes DevOps merit prominent and the demand of DevOps rises rapidly.


Fluent command of Security technical ability

Hackers are continuously seeking loophole to attack and damage security in order to steal or embezzle pivotal data. DevOps specialist should abide by Clean Code practice for the purpose of cutting off users with bad faith destroying the security. Using precedent security protocols can minimized the risk in data leaking while operating system code is fragile to bad faith acts, DevOps specialists should also capable of writing security code. DevOps engineers whom proficient in writing security code can build up automated defense in operation and reduce the risk of being cyber-attacked. DevSecOps specialists would be a big hit for companies.


Co-operation with different departments

As an outstanding DevOps specialist, it is crucial in grasping the relationship between IT development and software research department and understand the correlation among departments and share the common values. DevOps specialists with good notion among different teams would facilitate the efficiency by working in a crevice-free DevOps process. DevOps specialists should be a team player thus dominate in the profession.


Fundamental automation tools manipulation

Automation has brought a brand-new insight towards technology industry. Manual tasks have gradually replaced by automation and it is out of touch with current development of automation. Utilizing program languages such as Python and Javascript can be a lubricant in automation experience. DevOps specialists must use these programs languages fluently.


Strong adaptability in operating mode

DevOps specialists are required to work with flexibility since the coding are keep evolving and DevOps specialists are going to encounter different problems and their work will never been duplicated. DevOps specialists should have the mindset in keep learning and assimilate newly developed technology into the existed coding, the agility in operation should be the prerequisite for all DevOps specialists.

There are numerous criteria to be qualified as a DevOps specialist. It is never easy to be one of them and DevOps specialist are valuable, it is the pioneer in the current technology development.