How a CIO should prepare developers for a multi-cloud feature


Most of the companies have been using more than one public-cloud. All public-cloud features may not be consistent but virtually the same. Every public cloud offers storage, computing and networking but they will always have differences, such as different location as the cloud base, different approach or implementation towards security, and data analyze method. Also, consumer experience such as development tools, automation may draw differences which attract different departments’ in the same enterprise and form an atmosphere a company at the same hire several public cloud bases. Adapting multi-clouds are not rare but require software developers’ skills in different tools, technical ability, company should prepare developers for challenging tasks in order to fully utilize multi-cloud features.


CIO should remind developers focus on skills

The choice of cloud may never affect the product being developed while an extraordinary software development may alwaysexceed the expected time for development due to the pursue towards software quality and ensure the meticulousness of the newly developed software. CIO should encourage developers proficient in at least one coding language and capable of articulatingemergencies. But CIO should bear in mind, every cloud has their feature and uniqueness, it is at most encouraging developers understand the basics of every cloud and the usage of the coding. Never impose pressure towards developers, CIO should understand public clouds’ objective is to make convenience for users but not increase workload for them.


Remind developers to provide a simple platform

Developers may often set its newly developed software into extremely complicated at the same time require top-tier developers’capability in using it and showing off its ability in handling such sophisticated software. Developers are looking forward to praising due to the newly launched software but ironically not user friendly at all. A successful multi-cloud feature is to simplify superfluous coding for developers which does not require inputting the basics in every step thereby facilitates others. Fundamental and concise multi-cloud platform which benefits the entire industry should be prioritized and CIO should also imbue with a mindset of value-adding towards the whole software development industry instead of individual interest.


CIO should provide training for developers in multi-cloud manipulation

Multi-cloud should not bring more trouble towards a company and a single cloud approach does not mean there will be no difficulties encountered. Developers should be trained up by choosing which cloud with special features suits the department’s situation most and capable of making the best judgement and provide solutions for the department’s cloud feature.