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Engineers taking a balance between DevOps and SRE


Current SRE position

Some may say that Site Reliability Engineering have not fully utilised and obstructs experts’ potential which the focusing point for SRE experts should be in operation instead of just only taking balance. While SRE are originally defined as taking a balance between operation and development, in fact most of the time engineers are placing their time in operation which directly affect job effectiveness. SRE is nevertheless being placed at the wrong timing or too late in the software development process which enterprises should think whether they adopt SRE correctly and how should they make use of SRE in order to utilize SRE. SRE role towards the enterprise will change continuously according to the management attitude and understanding, but the management are always unfamiliar in IT sector which SRE position is easily being obscured and the actual function of SRE is unable to display.


Shifting SRE Duties

The occurrence of distributed cloud has changed SRE’s role, people no longer expect a centralized data centre, but hybrid cloud and DevOps provide people an expectation in agility and automation. SRE duties are being shifted to more cloud oriented which established a new position for SRE. This new trend undoubtedly escalating SRE’s pressure and job burden by only focusing on its stable operation and insufficient time in investigatingdevelopment due to its overwhelming workload in only ensuring application’s motion but nothing more than that.


SRE Future Path

Enterprises with extraordinary successful SRE teams are always treated as an individual and cannot be compared. Some enterprises are fear of lacking behind the industry at the same time being ignorant towards IT industry may name part or one of the operation teams as SRE. For enterprises which well noted SRE’s importance and potentially sustainable demand may encounter difficulties in monitoring and observing standardization, searching a suitable with proficiency in SRE’s expert are always vital. It is meaningless in gathering talents with no trainings and tools even though u get unlimited budgets, this will still in vain.

SRE organizations are always working with different enterpriseswhich their role is to invent, establish or plan new projects with new features instead of solving all problems simultaneously. Organizations dealing with the holistic problem at once are not a sustainable act which their understanding are still not in-depth, and the result will never be satisfied.