Plan ahead

Early Stafe of DevOps Testing


Every company which have a dynamic approach towards the development of DevOps will urge to optimize the processes to be impeccable. Company will do numerous tests in the entire software development process, design, development and production and striving to do the best for the development of DevOps. Continuous testing will be carried out in the whole product lifecycle, and some companies will attempt to particularly emphasis on the test in initial stage of DevOps development. Initial stage DevOps test undoubtedly require a lower cost than other stage of development relatively but does not mean that other stage DevOps test can be neglected, software malfunctions may occur at any time.


Companies emphasis on initial stage DevOps tests

Continuous testing in DevOps development process is a favourable attitude towards the improvement of the whole DevOps framework, in DevOps product development lifecycle. DevOps teams may carry out innumerable tests which enables to analyse current and previous products and utilise the data as comparison thereby equipped the newly developed DevOps approach to be dominant. In the initial stage of DevOps development, continuous tests should be emphasised, the earlier DevOps teams find out defects, malfunctions or impairment in the test, the lower the cost for the company to do restoration. Later-stage development embodies more sophisticated product design, software skills and costly labour and resources, any problem arises may cause a huge loss towards the company. With well preparation initially, the cost in dealing with problems will be lower.


Benefit in initial stage DevOps tests

Prioritising tests in initial stage of DevOps development processseems like a skyscraper should build solid foundation. Initial stage tests not only minimise the total cost of the entire DevOps development progress, but also lessen the product lifecycle time and speed up the publishment of the product. Early stage tests can also ensure DevOps teams will not go the long way and exclude the possibility in following the track of an overturned cart or put emphasise on worthless procedures. Also, switching in context to test different software functions may lead DevOps developers frustrated and fidgeted since what they are originally focusing may transform and restart in another area. DevOps developers meanwhile facing pressure in meeting deadline may be compelled indoing shoddy work and use inferior material, which create higher risks in malfunction and shift the cost bearing to the customers. Early stage tests not only effectively reduce the cost and also secureDevOps developers are always on the right track.