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Direction for Site Reliability Engineering


Site Reliability Engineers’ importance are becoming much recognised nowadays since enterprises are required not only focusing on efficiency but also reliability in their software applications in order to exceed their clients’ expectation with services in peak form. While it is always difficult in taking a balance among performance and reliability. Once engineers are focusing on performance, can they ensure the reliability in every stage of application development? Some developers have already demandedSRE taking up the role in DevOps life cycle in ensuring its reliability in the early stage of development.


Test Teams approach in SRE

Test teams have encountered different approaches, opinions in software testing and the most suitable position for SRE, while test teams have also faced mistakes which defects may occur if testing is being isolated as a specific stage after software developers accomplish the entire work. Developers are always acting agile in articulating different issues, to substitute for specific stage of testingare continuous testing programme among the whole developing lifecycle. SRE experts have currently emerged with development teams in order to ensure a better preparation and plan for a better application, automation has also taken up the role in making numerous tests without affecting its agility in software developing cycle.


Optimizing SRE structure

SRE has discovered the optimal point in assimilating into development and testing teams which ensure the newly developed application and first edition software reliability will not be destructed. In assigning SRE focusing point, experts are going to release and coordinate application without affecting its reliability at the same time secure organisations’ system service quality are up to standard. In terms of the entire enterprise, the governance of the development team with the best tools and resources ensure the whole enterprise’s reliability.

The software development process should always be supportedby DevOps experts whom thoroughly realising the massive data andwhole picture of the enterprise and effective the lifecycle analysis. Asuitable approach towards SRE and DevOps equips the software development team by forming a better service level, cooperation and run the development cycle fluently. Ensuring service level, reliability and production cycle provides a solid figure in enterprises’actual performance and preparing for investment prioritizing plans at the same time building up a circulated information barrier free atmosphere so as to further expand enterprise business model and structure.