Improvement? Continuity?

Digital Transformation = IT Resilience


We’ve probably heard a lot about “digital transformation”. Many organizations have rushed to invest in digital solutions to tackle their own fear of missing out (FOMO). They usually focus on digitizing workflows and internal processes to improve productivity, or to save cost. Though this is actually just a subset of what it means by digital transformation. The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic becomes a wake-up call to organizations who have invested in digital efforts that digital transformation is more than just optimization. It’s about how resilient the IT environment is.

IT resilience means the ability of the business to maintain control of the IT environment anywhere, anytime, in any circumstances. Apart from optimization, IT resilience is also about business continuity. A good example is remote work – large scale remote works require instant scale-up of a large number of VPN licenses and setup. When the VPN setup process is manual for the most part, IT teams’ human resources would be drained out for the repetitive setup process.

Digital transformation is to build an agile, elastic and automated IT environment that focuses on customers by seamless integration of infrastructure, softwares and apps with minimal human intervention, regardless of crisis or normal time. The desired IT environment would learn from data, adjust swiftly to the market and customer demands and prudently secure itself from cyberattacks, with a goal to attain business continuity and optimize user experience. Below are some elements to look at:

Cloud Security

Cloud security issues are critical most of the time. With real-time auditing and segment monitoring, the IT team can respond swiftly to make sure cloud infrastructure is under controlled and complied.


Zero-touch provision allows the IT infrastructure to be configured automatically, eliminating the need of on-site management, facilitating easier and faster response to unfavorable events.

Security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR)

SOAR solution creates customized framework to pull security tools together for the security operation team to stay close to new threats and risks without alert fatigue, and also automates response to lower-level alert processes, so that the security operation team can focus on more critical risks.

Data Recovery

Data recovery restores the core IT components in the case of disastrous events. Considered as an important element of business continuity, a data recovery solution keeps your business running and resilient.


Automation of deployment and lifecycle management eliminates man hours assigned to routine application management. The desired solution is able to detect inefficiencies, analyze and produce actionable insight to manage infrastructure and optimize virtualization.

At Resolve Technology, we’ve built a number of resilient IT environments for our clients. Our digital transformation strategy is highly customizable and automated to facilitate your business growth, as well as continuity.