Similar but different

DevOps role vs Site Reliability Engineer role


DevOps and site reliability engineer in recruitment are mostly the same, if you specialised in IT operation and coding, you will be qualified for both positions. While amateurs may find no differences among DevOps engineers and Site Reliability engineers, but in fact there are some key differences for their jobs. You may say that their job nature is similar which responsible for linking up and shortening the distance between operation teams and developers at the same time enhance the agility and improve software reliability and efficiency.


Differences between SRE engineers and DevOps engineers

Emphasize in reliability

Site Reliability engineering with its title is to consider the newlylaunched site and software’s’ reliability in order to minimize defects and malfunctions occurred which are prioritized by Site Reliability engineers. DevOps engineers however do not entirely pay attention to Site Reliability, DevOps tend to use a mixed set of tools which their formation is by a hybrid tool with self-development and improvement of current approach instead of Site Reliability engineers’ belief in taking up a developer’s approach towards IT operations.

Improvement and remediation

DevOps emphasizes on the approach of development and operation and prioritized continuous development and incessant improvement, while Site Reliability engineers will be delighted when having improvement, but this is not being prioritized and the mindset of continuous development is not being placed in Site Reliability engineering. The differences between DevOps engineering and Site Reliability engineering cannot be summarized and determined sharply since their role are still being responded accordingly to different companies’ culture and position towards engineers.


Job nature between DevOps engineers and Site Reliability engineers


Site Reliability engineering and DevOps engineering are highly relied on engineers who proficient in coding, while in reality, DevOpsengineers are required to be familiar with coding, but Site Reliability engineer’s daily routine are revolving around coding and all their scope of work are related to coding. It is advised that engineers whoare not keen on coding do not specialized their profession in site reliability but choose to delve into DevOps.

Different treatment by companies

DevOps engineers are responsible for development and operation while they are not mainly responsible for excluding malfunctions and do not require agile response once problem occur. Site Reliability engineers only focuses on companies’ software safeties, prevent cyber-attack and clear troubles, they are being asked for nimble response and ready at all times to solve cyber impediment and have to race against time.

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