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DevOps Reliability


DevOps growth rapidly in recent times especially under COVID-19 pandemic, in articulating this speedy development, basic features and what DevOps take pride in should even more being secured so as to keep its reputation and credible in encouraging more companies in implementing DevOps. One of the DevOps model elements are site reliability engineering, which the demand inreliability towards DevOps are increasing, experts proficient in reliability in DevOps are even more hot. Numerous aspects of technology being popular, the crux of the problem should be reliability engineering, DevOps are with no exceptions.


Relationship between Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) and DevOps

It is always ambiguous in distinguishing the role and relationship between DevOps and SRE, while it can be said, SRE builds up from DevOps principles in order to achieve software operation agility. It is no doubt that SRE and DevOps sharing a similar doctrine, while SRE is emphasizing on service quality objective, while DevOps has become a general term for developer infrastructure or relate to automation.


SRE ensuring service quality as objective

Site Reliability Engineering should start from the earliest stage in the entire development cycle, and make sure every stage of development includes SRE so as to secure SRE effectiveness. Reliability should be one of the major foundations in modern development.

Reliability of software service measurement should be linked upto business performance and network availability. Site reliability Engineering then balance the cost and measure how the service should improve, and the ultimate goal is to ensure site reliability with the least cost. The most challenging work for SRE is to ensure whether corporate users actually aware and delight with its delivered service, since SRE work is to put an end to any defects before its existence. Customers may have an unconsciousness mindin thinking no defects should be inevitable while neglect the effort SRE has paid in behind and always overlook this unnamed hero.


How SRE exhibits its maximum

SRE objectives are required to be set in a level which acceptability towards any defects since it is impossible to eradicate all mistakes, in order to perform with no defects in showing customers at last. Also, realistic and achievable objectives provide a clear picture for SRE experts in attaining their goal which enhances efficiency and deliver a more than expected service for clients.