Clear Minded

DevOps Misconceptions


There is a lot misconception towards DevOps, even though with the escalating popularity towards DevOps approach in the technology industry, it does not signify DevOps is well-known. The existence of misunderstanding is still not settled but can be endured. Collaboration is the indispensable in DevOps culture while numerous misunderstandings are unabridged about how to collaborate efficaciously and efficiently.


Age is a constrain in adapting DevOps

There is always a misunderstanding which senior are clumsy in adapting DevOps since it requires a brand-new collaboration requirement. In fact, there are no evidence shows that senior officers are inflexible while junior developers may also encounter struggle as well. Tackling senior staffs with DevOps adoption, stereotypes should not be imposed. Senior staffs are being invited in decision making process and act as consultant in the development and collaboration issues of DevOps.


Only developers and system administrators need DevOps collaboration

Misconception in different parties are still existed. There is a popular belief that DevOps collaboration are just among developers and system administrators. It is however that such as marketing staffs, data analysts, financial department are related to DevOps. Some programs such as the enhancement in calculation efficiency in the financial department are adapting DevOps approach and automation.


Diversified teams are incapable of collaborating

The issues on incapable of collaborating are always relating to anthropic factor instead of company’s framework after all is said and done. This problem should be solved by the company inculcate the value of respecting differences among others into team culture. Showing tolerance and appreciating crosslight should be emptied into team culture.


Tools are not indispensable

Developers are system administrators are working around complicated DevOps tools. When DevOps technicians work around these tools, efficiency and productivity may no longer be ensured, potential security risks may also occur. In order to minimize this risk, DevOps tools should be selected prudently, other users’ evaluation have reference value and be taken into account before decision making.


Traditional IT roles have been replaced by DevOps

DevOps does not signify an ordinary IT staff would be specialized in database, cybersecurity or cloud manipulation overnight. It is however DevOps take the role in articulating different department and assert seamless collaboration among departments thus deliver continuous benefit to stakeholders and customers. Departments are no longer rigid and self-contained; communication and collaboration are the bridge in eliminating different parties’ prejudice and premise.