Plug and Play?

DevOps is More Than Just the Tools


The pace to digital transformation has been picking up especially under the business hit driven by the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. The demand for rapid improvement of digital experiences has driven adoption of DevOps tools by organizations across different industries, with a hope to speed up development cycles in order to stay competitive. However, DevOps is more than just the tools, it should be a combination of culture, workflow and the tools.



We put culture first because this is the most common neglecting factor for organizations that want to adopt DevOps framework and to enjoy the benefit of agility and speed of development suggested by pro-DevOps industry experts. In many cases, though, organizations would realize that the development cycles aren’t shortened much, or sometimes extended, even though the budget on DevOps tools had been invested. Management might blame the unfavorable outcome on the DevOps tools or relevant technology.

However, the DevOps tool itself is never a magic wand. DevOps comprises dev team and ops team, and the DevOps tool is only helpful when both teams work on common goals and the mentality of collaboration is nurtured. According to Ian Head, research director at Gartner, “90 percent of I&O; organizations attempting to use DevOps without specifically addressing their cultural foundations will fail”. As such, cultivation of right DevOps mindsets is essential to a successful adoption of DevOps.



Workflow comes second because DevOps is about bringing the dev team and the ops team into harmony to facilitate effective collaboration in software development and responding to customers’ needs in an agile way. Different teams across the DevOps cycle have their own territories and procedures in place, how to integrate everything into a single framework is an equilibrious solution combining art and science that a professional consultant like Resolve Technology can offer.

DevOps is the process from locating customer demand to the fulfilment of such demand. Automating manual, non-important and repetitive tasks can be one of the ways to facilitate better DevOps. Though aligning the DevOps definition across teams, and to attach their functions to an overall, standardized and common pipeline is what an organization should work towards.



The DevOps tool isn’t unimportant, but it just can’t be the only factor of an effective DevOps. With the right culture and planned workflow in place, organizations should pick the right DevOps tools that best fit the functions across different parts of an IT team, and to assemble and harmonize a line of DevOps tools across the DevOps cycle, with the help of automation.

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