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Development of Site Reliability Engineering


Numerous enterprises have currently aroused interest in site reliability engineering which foresee this aspect will continuously grow and evolve. While SRE has placed an approach in terms of accountability which estimates budget in errors and visualize different tasks’ performance. SRE will be a new trend and a crucial point in enhancing business development.


Site Reliability Engineering development method

Increase SRE coverage

Site Reliability Engineering is a new approach towards corporate and it is impractical to achieve an entire coverage of SRE, it is an objective to achieve a wider coverage of SRE. The increasing trend in adopting SRE has brought a bright future for its development and urge SRE teams consistently making progress. According to SRE’s maturity and responsible to customers, SRE has more barriers and be thoughtful in releasing creative thoughts. SRE teams are facing difficulties in balancing the implementation of innovative features and business risks.

SRE department work in cooperation

Enterprises emphasising technology such as online shopping are encountering the trend in increasing customers flow rate due to the pandemic, a demand in enlarging scale of network occur. At the meantime, the complexity of technology has grown, and the infrastructure has become more sophisticated and all technology such as microservices, cloud vendors and cloud environment are related. SRE are required to cover all these aspects, a diversified expert SRE team will be the best for future development.

SRE new tactics in testing

SRE departments are going to consider new supervising and testing methods in secure its reliability. SRE department will consider a complicated and construct a jumble environment in engineering which intentionally destroy the entire application system. This approach undoubtedly regards users’ experience and site performance as focal point which agree with the concept of Site Reliability Engineering.

SRE plays the role in reducing risk

SRE is to secure its reliability in site which enterprises treat it as safeties’ guarantee. SRE unfortunately will still face failure, it is important for SRE to accept failure and learn how to manage failure even the cost of having failure are much higher than other department and most of the customers do not expect any defects occur. No matter it is reducing the repairing time or expect defects may occur and accept its existence as part of SRE, a balance should be taken to secure a stable development. This is the prerequisite to convince customers believe in SRE to maintain its business stability and steady high performance.