Great challenge to IT organizations

Coronavirus Turns the Spotlight on Remote Access


The COVID-19 coronavirus spread across the whole world especially in Asia. Remote work has turned from a buzzword to a keyword. Video-conference, where software-as-a-service solution like Zoom comes into play, becomes the first popular implementation to ensure every stakeholder remains connected. Stakeholders can “meet” now, then what?


Remote Access

Prompt and secure accessibility to work files and information outside the office is what really keeps the organizations running. As such, IT organizations confront remote access management challenges and demands that were never seen before.

According to Yahoo Finance, Amazon has asked all of its employees around the world to login remotely for at least 10 minutes, stress-testing VPN connection on March 5, 2020. JPMorgan Chase & Co. also test-ran coronavirus plan code-named “Project Kennedy” by asking 10% of staff across its consumer bank to work remotely, according to Los Angeles Times.

Many organizations may have already deployed remote management solutions on the devices and systems used by frequently travelling employees, but when the same setup needs to be equipped with most of the employees in a week’s time, that’s when challenges come. The better scenario would be rushing to pay for all softwares and extra IT infrastructure required, and secure enough “emergency licenses”, which allow IT teams to deploy remote access software to company-provided devices as much as they could. However, the entire process gets complicated exponentially when IT teams need to install remote access software to employees’ own devices, or desktop at home.

The security issue is also one of the key components to be considered from the initial stage. Security is dependent on existing infrastructure and technologies deployed. A remote access environment with the right security solution in place that can be scaled up and down in an instant is crucial for organizations.

“We do have the regular typhoons in the rainy season and the occasional inconveniences due to us being in the ring of fire, it pays for us to be ready all the time. After all, any disaster manager will tell you that the key to any disaster management plan is preparation”, said Manila-based Richard Parcia, CIO of Concepcion Industrial.

You might have realized that digital transformation is not only for business growth, but also for full preparation of any disastrous events. At Resolve Technology, we want to be your technology partner to sail through this pandemic, and to ensure your business continuity.