Mind your back

Continuously Learning Attain Resilient Network


Organisations should continuously learn under changes of information and understand new knowledges at the same time conform current model and train up execution capability. The objective of uninterrupted learning is to adapt the rapid-varying IT industry and to keep engineer team’s competitiveness in tackling accidental situation under time pressure and perform more than expected for customers. Furthermore, punishment and retribution should not be implanted in the atmosphere of learning for engineerseven though they may improve throughout the progress since the main objective is to understand the root of failure and acknowledge the actual happenings, threatening and consequences will only cause engineers hesitate in performing any work and stifle creativityand result in stagnation.


Shifting culture to emphasise learning

It is always difficult to promote the culture of continuous learning in a working place. A huge investment should be implanted which not only teaching the team with advanced technical skills but also how they integrate and transcend their pass by and fully maximize their potential. Team leaders should take action in appropriate timing once they foresee problem may occur and investigate how to exceed and grow up through learning by mistakes. Meanwhile, engineers and management should also improve the flow of information and reduce ambiguity in communication.

Team leaders should also encourage engineers to develop an atmosphere which share their past experience on how they feel and what actual failure they have encountered and what they have donewring in the past. This may directly enhance the organisations transparency and all engineers learn from mistake and experiences instead of looking into whose fault cause company’s loss and call the responsive engineer to account.


Say no to excessive workload

A team with high adaptability towards new environment and expert in tackling sudden outburst incident can reduce tremendous amount of excessive time spent. Team can focus on software featuredevelopment, maintain network reliability, but holistically that is notenough, participating in long term development activity linking up with innovative idea and professional knowledge are vital. Communication and collaboration among team engineers enhance working efficiency and reduce spending excessive time and attain diversified resources. Once engineers acquire new knowledge and skills, they will start to aware the value they create and understand the power of sharing which shifts the original attempt from acting oftheir own free will to work as a team.