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Challenges brought by automated Web Test


Web Test automation improves software quality significantly, numerous platforms with sophisticated data and web cases have been tested accurately. Defects can be found in early stage of development cycle and reduce remediation cost in later stage of development. Web team’s efficiency and software quality can be enhanced at the same time lessen market acceleration time. While Web Test are always emphasised on functionality and users’ experiences, tests require outstanding time which affects the production cycle. Automation takes up the role in reducing time constraints and quality affirmation, but it is never a soft job.


Web Test Automation twists and turns

Web Test automation has brought frequent changes towards UI,which web applications has lots of changes in logic due to new features or functions to be born, maintaining UI changes and logics become a new challenge for Web Test team. Errors in Web Test occurfrequently and with chain reaction, lots of other compartments will be affected by only one error. Web Test team has to be capable of dealing with these sophisticated problems and competent to tremendous data and projects. Web Test furthermore requires a longprocess time, different amount of test cases involved will affect the test execution period of time. While in the era of ever-changing technology and high-pressure requirement in pace towards development, Web Test team always suffer from inadequate time in ensuring quality of releases. Last but not the least, Web Testing automation at the end is also one of the projects by company which investment return rate should also be considered. But due to the technology alter from day to day, Web Test team has to make remediation from time to time which requires labour and time cost. At this stage, it is no way to start to quantify Web Test automation investment return which enterprises will always leave a question on Web Test automation.


Overcome Web Test automation challenges

Companies can implement measures in solving those challenges brought by Web Test and make it efficient at the same time cost effective. Web test can be executed without coding, choose a suitable web test automation solution is the only way to maximise profit. Web Test automation without coding can also reduce the complexity which reduce time and labour cost and improve the investment return. While companies can also adapt a share repository which the cost and efforts are being shared and reduce expenses, also test should only be implemented in specific stages of web development instead of other unnecessary stages which imposes no significant function in the whole web developmentprocess.