Quality matters

Building a high-quality Cloud-Native team


Building and hiring a Cloud-Native team encounters numerous problems while the skills in opening sources are uncommon in job market. Even though job applicants possess sorts of skills, cloud’s rapid development easily desert professional’s existing knowledge. It is impossible for a professional to comprehend all Cloud-Native knowledge, in this circumstance, how the leading role solve the problem and iron out difficulties to build a highly qualified Cloud-Native team?


Brand new recruiting tactics

Never persistent in the Cloud-Native teams’ future direction at the same time compel developers follow what they do not agree or acknowledge, try to understand what they are thinking about and distinguish their unique value as part of the team. Developers may not fully utilized their time in what the management expect, spending time in forums, message boards can also be categorized as part of the work regarded by developers. Team leaders should excavate their value and believe in their behavior which makes the team become outstanding and testify why they have to work for the team. Considerable salary can be one of the criteria, but work which is interesting, work life balance, flexible working time are also consideration by developers. Team leaders should understand developers’ thought and recognized their value as well as autonomy for developers.


Put yourself into the Developer’s shoes

DevOps users has rapid growth recent years, Barclays, Lunar Way, HSBC, Bank of America etc has started to adapt it. While different leading financial institutions have relied on DevOps approach, it shows the popularity and benefits of DevOps are highly recognized. But security and compliance are still barriers for financial institutions to bring forth new ideas towards DevOps.


Help developers equipped themselves

As the Cloud-Native industry has a speedy development, it is easy to lack behind and team leaders burgeon a thought which the team is not competitive enough and new members are required. Given that team leaders are open-minded, willing to consider diverse job applicants, but why, the expected standard of team members still have not exist? Team leaders should consider on current manpower distribution, it is possible that some team members only require a job development opportunity and their potential would be aroused. Considering current team members show that the team value the current developers and enhance loyalty of developers. Internal development boosts the harmony of the team in which new developers’ participation to a certain extent current developers percept distrust and inadequate. In the long run, injecting new blood in solving the current insufficiency is not a good practice for long-term development of a Cloud-Native team.