First thing first

Automation is the prerequisite in boosting the software efficiency


Different enterprises are facing difficulties in their software execution, efficiency and efficacy. Plenty of time are spent in testing, while the software industry is at the same time under rapid development. Software team are facing pressure in incessant self-development and continuously increases in workload. Relying on manual software development or input manpower in software will just work to no avail. Only automation can be competent in development and numerous tasks simultaneously.


Low efficiency manual testing

New software are persistently releasing, and every new software may have different new technology input and optimized, or even a new system with more efficient and less defects while achieving the same outcome, all kinds of newly developed software are undoubtedly advanced than before, while every testing progress may cause enterprises step back. Most of the testing are still by manual, in the software cycle, it delays, and enterprises bear the loss, with the inflexible testing, problems always occur and solving every problem manually will always unable to meet the expectation of a large-scale enterprise. The existence of low efficiency in manual testing is unexpectedly did not settle by any automated program in testing.


Automation in software testing

Enterprises are now starting to investigate how to adopt automation in testing instead of the old school manual testing. Automation can definitely meet enterprises’ expectation since it minimizes the time in manual testing and achieve efficiency and reduce delay in product hitting the market. Enterprises adopt automation gradually, enhance product productivity at the same time develop and release cycles. While some rumors have stated that automation will affect software developers’ status, thus unwilling to adopt full-scale automation, this is undoubtedly a misconception. Automation cannot replace software developers, it is just a way to do testing in an efficient way, agile in solving cyberattacks and recover automatically. Automation is a taking up the role in facilitating software developers’ work but not threaten their role in the software industry.

Last but not the least, Artificial Intelligence (AI) rise up and capable of turning into the core of every industry even software industry. The automation of AI enables much higher efficiency and shorten the research and development cycle, minimizing time constraints should be the prerequisite to be in front of others. Enterprises input sufficient resources in adopting automation, while minimize manpower’s’ burden, software experts concentrate in research and development instead of repetitive tasks and reduce defects occurs. Automation is a way that enterprises do not have to bring innovation in business model in order to make a breakthrough but can still be the leader.