Keep Speeding Up

Automating Cloud Native Security


Software development nowadays seeks after quickness, as time progresses, cloud software become more complicated. Companies are outcome oriented and only development of software would be emphasized; securities are always neglected. As a matter of fact, security must keep pace with the rapid development of application, but things often go contrary which security results in lacking behind.


Importance of Automating Application Security

Test automation is undoubtedly taken the role in assuring software quality, support DevOps experts advanced improvement in developing software, it sounds like lopsided merit, but is it really efficient if all the process of testing, delivery and development procedures infatuated with test automation?

Automated security in addition to keep step with development of applications, issue correction and security procedures ought to be automated. Developers staunch backing are automated security which ensure developers concentrate in opening up applications with no worries about the rear, like spending extra time in getting permission and offering resources in automation thereby aggravating developers’ workload.


Automation and Security future development

Automation is undeniably help out the efficiency and productivity in security, yet human factor is still a prerequisite in either DevOps or security. Certain tasks in security which automation cannot replace IT staffs, security even though can be automated, in reality IT staffs have still a role in monitoring the operation of automation. Humans are still irreplaceable under the premise of automation has no own thought, DevOps experts and security teams are indispensable.


Ideal Automated Cloud Native Security

Cloud native applications can no longer continue to use traditional security method, introducing new automated working model and security team’s co-operation are the set out of striding towards ideal Automated Cloud Native Security. Besides, the persona of security team is incapable to continue with being a sidetrack nor secondary. Security has to be assimilated into the development cycle as soon as possible and able to detect issue and remediate automatically. Issues arises from DevOps and security which carry to inconvenience or even affect development cycles would be minimized..