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Assimilating Devops and Security


As the rapid development in technology, numerous companies can no longer sit and wait for death. Adapting modern software technology is a new tendency, modify the inherent business model is even inexorable. Adapting DevOps approach is a popular transformation in the digital market, and it is the most efficient way for companies to enhance its agility and competitive in encountering the daily renewal market. While unanimous concentration in development does not mean that the company’s growth is in good progress, contradictions in safeties and compliances may arise, the pace in development cannot keep track with the advanced level of securities, the foundation of development in DevOps approach will be insecure.

Adapting DevOps approach in a product cycle can reduce the risk significantly since DevOps will have automation in articulating defects and reduce delay in a product life cycle, company will be more agile and reliable in the progress of the product or service. DevOps furthermore reduce the cost of development, automation is implemented, extra manpower can be allocated to other aspects and avoid overlapping in low productivity tasks. DevSecOps experts can solve cybersecurity issues in a short period of time efficiently and effectively and hold back bad faith hackers having a loophole in exploiting company’s data.


Checking DevOps lifecycle on Internet

DevSecOps practices should be followed in the progress of software development life cycle so as to protect from hackers. DevSecOps require colleagues has a resilient and secure coding practice and in touch with the standard of reliance and safeties. Automated security program may assist DevOps approach users review and test on the newly developed software or coding whether its quality and efficiency are up to standard and capable of execution with minimal loopholes. It is furthermore for operation, defects can be eliminated, disputes occur should be solved by real-time monitoring and intrusion detection. While articulating a different safety, cybersecurity affection and data leakage cost inessential expenditure.

DevSecOps is a term, a term which can never separate, security act as an irreplaceable role in DevSecOps approach adaptation. Companies should update itself from time to time, ensuring its agility and pressure-resistant ability when facing cybersecurity attacks.