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A Successful Network Depends on Department Operation


In order to create opportunities in designing and managing, different perspectives co-operation linking up different network systematically should be the prerequisite. While cross-functional interaction can enhance the whole department’s transfer of information and the transparency and agility in operation can be improved. Also, individuals and teams can monitor and evaluate their own performance at the same time considering other colleagues’ opinion and point of view. Departments should have the mindset to work as a team, development, customer service, securityand management should collaborate and share the same objective at the same time with sufficient communication, testing and updates. Acts of their own free will are always forbidden in a team.


The role of the management

Team leaders should be capable of designing different interactive methods, build up, maintain or improve the team’s performance so as to support the resilience and the adaptability of the team. Team leaders should emphasise on transparency and work as a team through designing work, which engineers should maintain their current job performance and keep track on the work schedule. In terms of observability, and also maintain work as a team, engineers are required to throw in much more effort in acknowledging and understanding colleagues’ current work schedule.

While it is always impossible for only site reliability engineers (SRE) in dealing with current difficulties without exterior help, it is inevitable for SRE to work with development team and whether theircapability to keep in step with each other should no longer be considered. The prerequisite should solve the issue as soon as possible instead of preserving different team’s relationship. It is however that communication and co-operation among different teams should be considered since once problem occur, time pressure and direction will always affect the quality of work by different teams.


Flow of information

One of the main roles for the management should be managinga free and clear flow of information. Nimble and speedy adaptation towards company’s key objective at the same time expand organisation resources with appropriate allocation should be the management team’s responsibility and all these key objectives require an agile flow of information.

Information changes frequently and continuously, teams have to encounter tremendous amount of information every day, all updates on each team will pop up at any time. Most of the information are just provisional and information contention are ordinary. In fact, it creates an unpredictable outcome which train up engineers’ adaptability in tackling unpredictable incident under timepressure.